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We know that searching for car insurance quotes can be painfully administrative. We've provided all the contact details of top insurers on one page. Whether your asset is a car, motorcycle, watercraft or caravan they'll get you covered.

Cover options include third party only or third party including total loss and comprehensive vehicle insurance depending on your requirements.

DIY Guide

  • Be prepared to spend at least 15 minutes on a call to answer questions insurer needs to assess the premium.
  • You can call the sales consultant directly or asked to be called back.
  • Set aside some time to go through this process. Answer accurately and truthfully.
  • The call is the basis of the contract agreement.
  • Maybe pre-select your top 3 and start there. Chances are you'll have a good idea, what you'll need to budget for, in terms of the insurance premium.

King Price Insurance

0860 00 98 72 | Get called back here »

Keeping it simple cheap no frills car insurance. Also offer caravans, boats and motorcycle cover in line with other standardized insurance policy features amongst SA's major short term insurers. For high value cars this provider is not necessarily the best, as it is not their target market of cheaper to mid range cars.

Momentum Insurance

0860 006 784

Considering moving your home and buildings as well as car cover? Then ask for a competitive quote on all and pay just one premium! They have strong personal lines coverage such as home, buildings cover. Also can gain access to other products the company has on offer such as life cover, medical aid. Also have a good driver behaviour programme (optional) with incentives. This is not built into premium unless you select the programme then you'd pay the programme fees.

Santam insurance

0860 444 444

Select this insurer if you're interested in having a broker for your short-term insurance needs. Long standing insurer in SA market, one of the most recognised brands with very sophisticated broker network and specialists in all types of insurance including business.


08 600 60 000

Innovative company offering OUT bonus where you get premiums back after a certain number of claim free years.

Discovery Insure

0860 751 751

If you like rewards programmes and partner networks then consider joining this insurer. Also has an innovative app to track your driving behaviour. Incentives such as cash back on fuel spent at BP, and lower premiums. Good driver programme is not compulsory.

Hollard Insurance

0860 000 243

Very well recognised privately owned insurance company in SA. Standard comprehensive car insurance, as well as innovative Pay As You Drive car insurance. Ask for more details on this product which is basically suited to those that don't drive their car often. Perhaps you can save some money on your monthly premium.

First for women

0861 91 77 73

This is a niche market insurance company aimed at women. Many unique benefits that add value to a woman's life are on offer to policyholders. Definitely get a quotation to see if they're the best!

ABSA iDirect

0860 100 876

If you work at a bank then it may be worth getting a quote as you could get a further discount on your premium. If on the other hand your car finance is through ABSA or another bank, then do not let you car insurance premium go off your vehicle finance account as one tends to forget about the premium and could end up paying higher premiums over the years, not to mention the extra interest! If the premium goes off your transacting bank account it is more likely to be reviewed in future.

ABSA also offers credit life insurance if your car is financed.

Get a quotation for that if your car has a high outstanding finance amount.

Prime Meridian

011 745 7800

This insurer is targeting a very serious problem in SA of under-insurance of road users. As many road users are uninsured due to the high cost of insurance, Prime Meridian offer a unique product where your premiums are fixed for life, but as time passes your cover increases. So you won't be fully covered from day 1 but you will be partially covered in non-writeoff situations.

This product is clearly targeted at second hand low value cars and non-insured persons. A more affordable way to become insured rather than being totally uninsured.

Information at hand

What you need at hand when getting a quote over the phone:

  • Your banking account details which you provide them with for the debit order premium to go off monthly.

  • If you want to save on other insurance premiums you have in place such as home, buildings, then use this opportunity to get a lower quote on all if combined.

  • know the date on which the premium should be deducted, coinciding with salary for example. Best to keep this date as close to or on salary date as you can to avoid running out of funds on account and bounced debits.

  • Know the excesses of your current policies and compare it to what is offered. Remember the premium can be adjusted down if the excess is increased. So make sure you're happy with the excess.

  • Have all other dates of insurance premiums, and amounts so that you can accurately negotiate better combined premium from the above chosen insurer.

  • Have your drivers license on you. Code of licence needed, and date of first issue of licence.

  • Have your car VIN number, car registration details on you.

  • provide your email address and request policy docs to be sent straight away for you to read over. This helps clear up any outstanding questions as to the policy terms.
Risk spreading
If you are attempting to insurer a second vehicle (i.e. you're paying insurance for another car already) then consider calling that insurer first, as they will likely give you a better deal. The chances of two unforseen events on both cars is less likely and hence less of an insurance risk all else equal.

Post-call obligations

  • Be prepared to fulfill warranties you've agreed to in the contract such as getting a tracking device fitted. You will need to make time to go get this fitted as soon as possible and as stipulated by the insurer.

  • Understand that cover is also conditional upon certain things mentioned over the phone, such as going to get your vehicle inspected. This is for the insurer to verify that the vehicle is what you said it is, and to note the condition of the vehicle at the start of the cover. e.g. any windscreen chips, minor paint scratches.

Other things to consider

  • Buying a brand new or high value car on finance? Then consider credit life insurance cover, ask the insurer if they offer it and what the premium would be in addition.

  • If you choose a broker you will be paying a monthly fee to broker added to your premium. Your circumstances will dictate whether a broker adds value to your portfolio. If its complex then this route could be better.

  • Select an insurer you trust the most.

  • If you're thinking about getting a combined insurance quote, then as mentioned already, make sure you have on hand the premium of each line of cover and a firm understanding of the level of cover in place. The negotiation is not just about lower quotes but also to get similar or better cover.

  • For you to do as homework - in case you've missed something, after accepting the new policy compare the details to the old policy you're about to throw out, and see if you're happy. If not you can still call the new insurer and update your cover appropriately. We don't always get it right the first time.

Being frustrated with corporate greed and its unwillingness to change and improve for the good of consumer needs, King Price Insurance was born from the seed of hope that things could change for the sake of the greater good!
Since they started in June 2012 King Price has seen growth by the thousands each and every month in South Africa.
King Price car premiums decrease monthly as your car depreciates. As an example a Traditional insurance total premium over 36 months would result in R29 349, but King Price the total premium over 36 months amounts to R23 520. An instant 20% saving of over R5 829!

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Hollard Product Quotes

Hollard is SA's largest privately-owned insurance group. An innovative, independent company with over 6 million policyholders.

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Legal Cover between R75,000 and R200,000 per legal matter. Product details | Legal quote »

Pay as you Drive is an innovative car insurance product where your insurance premiums are based on the actual kilometres you drive i.e. you can pay cheaper premiums if you drive less than the average motorist. PAYD quote »

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Mechanical Breakdown can be costly. The Hollard Extended Motor Warranty insurance policy gives you cover against this unforseen event. Motor Warranty quote »

Clientele Limited offers Funeral, Life, Hospital, and Life insurance products. A trusted insurance company in SA, Clientele has a product for you.

Funeral Plans
In the unfortunate, but certain event of death, your family should not have to worry about the money for the funeral; this is why the Clientèle Ultimate Dignity plan pays out within just 24 hours. Get a funeral quote »

H.E.L.P Plans
Health Event Life Plans from Clientèle Life offers you health insurance products to protect you and your family against the unforeseen costs related to hospitalisation. Get a H.E.L.P quote »

Legal Plans
Clientèle Legal offers you the opportunity to obtain Superior Legal Services. If you need to have your day in court, Clientèle Legal offers you inexpensive legal cover and an easy way to get your own qualified, professional lawyer. Get a legal quote »

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