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All about Hollard's Funeral Plan

In the event of a person's death, their assets are often not immediately available for family members to use. Hollard's Funeral Plan gives you peace of mind

Hollard's funeral cover offers a solution to this by paying out a lump sum upon the death of the person insured − ensuring that all funeral expenses are covered.

A dignified funeral is a necessity no matter the economic conditions.

Your whole family can benefit, and have peace of mind, knowing that your funeral plan offers tailor-made funeral cover that is affordable and available when it is most needed.

Hollard Funeral Plan features

Hollards funeral plan gives you peace of mind

  • Funeral cover ranging from R10,000 to R50,000

  • Valid claims will be paid out within 48 hours of Hollard receiving all claim documents. Get a Hollard Funeral Quote »

  • Cover for accidental death is immediate upon receipt of first premium.

  • Guaranteed acceptance to South African citizens or legal permanent residents between 18 and 75 years old.

  • No medical examination

Please take note To ensure your cover keeps up with the rising costs of funeral expenses, Hollard increases your cover and premium annually. Your cover will increase by 6% and your premium by 10% annually

Hollard Funeral Plan benefits

Hollard Funeral Plan Features

  • Quick Payout − beneficiaries will receive the Funeral Plan Benefit within 48 hours of Hollard receiving the required claims documents for any valid claim.

  • You can cover your partner for up to R50,000

  • Family Funeral Benefit provides cover for as many as 5 children for up to R20,000. Cover can be extended for an additional 5 children, but there will be a separate premium for each additional child

Please take note Please note, insurance product features and benefits are constantly changing. As a result numbers and points listed here may have changed - it is best to request latest features and benefits from Hollard at time of policy take-up.

Vehicle Access Benefit

Car Hire Benefit Vehicle Access Benefit through Hollard Funeral PlanVehicle Asset Benefit provides the use of a rental car through Avis. This funeral plan benefit, provided by Mocking Bull Pty Ltd and offers −

  • The use of a car for up to six days
  • Unlimited mileage
  • First full tank of petrol free
  • No deposit to get the car
  • Any family member with a valid driver's license can be designated as the driver

Monthly Provider Benefit

Benefits on funeral policy Grocery Benefit on Hollard Funeral Plan Monthly Provider Benefit (Groceries Benefit) pays a fixed monthly benefit of up to R2,000 for 12 months on the death of the insured.

Hollard Funeral Insurance

It can be used to pay for groceries or any other monthly expenses. Payout amount depends on the option and the cover level chosen.

Memorial Benefit (Unveiling Ceremony Expenses)

Memorial Benefit pays out up to R10,000 one year after your death or your partner's death, to assist your family with the expenses of the unveiling ceremony. Your partner can be covered by this funeral plan benefit if added to your funeral policy plan. Payout amount depends on the option and cover level chosen.

Please take note The total of the funeral, monthly provider and memorial benefits cannot exceed R50,000 each for the main insured and the insured partner.

Parents Funeral Benefit

Parents Funeral Benefit provides affordable funeral cover for your parents and parents-in-laws for up to R20,000 in funeral cover (for a small extra premium).

Please take note To be eligible for this funeral plan benefit, parents and parents-in-laws must be under the age of 75.

Accidental Death & Disability Benefit

Personal Accident Benefit provides cover in the event of the insured person's accidental death or accidental permanent disability.

The Hollard Funeral Plan provides cover of up to R100,000 for accidental death and disability.

Daily Hospital Benefit

Pays you up to R750 per day for each full day you were in hospital, for a maximum of 180 days

You're paid out from the third day you were in hospital, but you must be in hospital for three or more days in a row. This benefit is not medical aid.

Life Cover Benefits

You can add life cover for you and your partner at a small extra premium.

Life Cover Benefit pay the sum assured on the death of the life insured (and the life insured's partner for an additional months premium). The minimum entry age for this funeral plan benefit is 18 years and the maximum entry age is 65.

Benefits include −

  • Up to R150,000 cover for you and your partner
  • 6% Annual benefit increase
  • 10% Annual premium escalation

How to claim on your Hollard Funeral Policy

Claims process on Hollard Funeral Plan How to claim on your Hollard Funeral PlanTo claim on your policy, you, or your beneficiary, are required to complete the relevant claim forms. Send Hollard the completed forms, together with the necessary documents specified on the claim form in order for Hollard to assess the claim.

Hollard undertakes to finalise and pay all valid funeral claims within 48 hours of receiving all the required claim documents.

Valuable tips For Hollard funeral cover claims contact details visit this page

Get the Hollard Funeral Plan!

Hollard Funeral Plan The Hollard Funeral Plan is one of South Africa's most popular funeral products.

Choose from many cover options: Hollard Funeral Plan

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