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New Car Buying Tactics to Win over the Car Dealership

New car at the dealership Buying a new car is a privilege and beyond exciting. But it can also be nerve wracking and fraught with risks. This article aims to provide you ...


The One Stop DIY Car Insurance Page

Top Car Insurers and their contact numbers We know that searching for car insurance quotes can be painfully administrative. We've provided all the contact details of top insurers on one page. ...


Drive safe and obey the rules of the road

Safe driving tips South Africa This article is a reminder to obey the rules of the road. Not only will this keep all your family safe, but will also help others become better road ...


Funeral Insurance Calculator

Funeral Insurance Calculator This calculator will help you decide if taking out a funeral insurance policy is worth it for your given circumstances. See if you have enough money ...


10 Home Insurance Tips you must know before getting covered!

Home contents insurance cover tips We provide 10 home contents tips to consider before taking out a policy. Learn about security warranties made, when home contents cover is required, ...


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Rand Trust - business cash flow solutions

Rand Trust Business cash flow solutions Turn your debtors book into cash on delivery. Rand Trust provides tailor-made financial solutions by converting your debtors' invoices into instant cash, no credit limits and ...


King Price Car Insurance

King Price Car Insurance King Price Insurance is a multi-functional insurance company with a difference. It offers insurance on cars, housing, trailer, portable possessions, and short term personal ...


Budget Insurance Home and Buildings Cover

Budget Insurance Home Contents insurance covers the valuables within your home. Buildings insurance covers the structure of your home. Both these risks can easily be mitigated by a home contents ...


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